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Jazz Band

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The Georgetown Jazz Program is an organization where students believe in the passion of Jazz music and share all types of jazz styles in an excellent and professional fashion. They do this by knowing and understanding the history of jazz, having fun performing for other organizations, events, and fundraisers. The Georgetown Jazz Program is a Jazz Performance Ensemble.

In its humble beginnings it started as a club outside of the music department. Since then it has grown into an award winning program that has traveled all over the state of Texas and has performed along side of many wonderful artists. The Georgetown Jazz Ensemble has worked and performed with such artists as Paul Baker, Colin Mason, Temple Jazz Fusion, Austin Jazz Band, Monster Big Band, Temple Jazz Orchestra, Alex Parker, Freddie Mendoza, Mario Casanova, Tim Ishii, Ron Wilkins, Butch Miles of the Count Basie Orchestra, and the Army Field Band. The Georgetown Jazz Program is under the direction of Amanda Stevenson, Region 26 Jazz Coordinator.

The Jazz Ensemble has had many individual outstanding musician awards from many jazz festivals such as the Texas State Jazz Festival, Temple Jazz Festival, and the Kingsville Jazz Festival. It has continuously brought home Superior Ratings from these festivals and most recently finished in 2nd place at the Kingsville Jazz Festival. Georgetown High School students have traditionally placed year after year in the Region 26 Jazz Ensemble and have successfully recorded for the All State Jazz Ensemble.