Band Scratcher Fundraiser

Georgetown Eagle Band

Band Scratcher Fundraiser


Dear Band Families,

The countdown is on til the Big State trip. The excitement is all around us. Help the band fund this trip and future events by supporting the Scratch Card fundraiser that was passed out to students last week. Every student’s goal is $100 or more. With family and friends coming to watch us perform, this is a great opportunity to make this a successful fundraising program. Please help support the band program.

Please help us by supporting this fundraiser!

 Our Goal is to Raise $16,000

 How: Scratch cards – We picked a fun way to have the kids ask friends, family and neighbors for donations to the band. Each Band/Guard member is given a GHS Band Scratch card containing 50 concealed dots. Students can ask friends, family and neighbors to scratch off two or more spots. The amount under the scratched dot range from $ 0.50 to $ 3.00. The maximum donation with 2 scratch offs = $6.00. The amount scratched off is the donation they give to the band.

Each card produces $100 in donations! Of course folks can scratch as many spots as they want to donate. Many folks may donate more money than revealed. Think of it as a reverse lottery with the Band being the winner. Students that complete a full card can get additional cards to continue requesting donations.

OPT OUT Option: If you would prefer not to have you child ask for donations, simply return the card intact with $100 check to GPAA Band.

Timeline: October 24th thru Jan 12th

  • Weekly money submission on Fridays – Place money in a sealed envelope with your NAME and drop in Money box outside Mr Smith’s Office.
  • Use the Holidays to ask extended family members.

Prizes: Of Course!! We will have Prizes for the top three students bringing in the most monetary donations. (Students can ask for extra scratch cards any time). A prize will be given to each student that returns donations equaling $100 or more.